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When I took this photo 

It made me realise how lucky I am to live in sunny Santa Barbara, California. Yes it's literally sunny all year round (for all of you back in Blighty).

I came here to work at Sonos, leading user experience and designing their future app and hardware experiences. 

Now I work at Google leading a team of designers that work on the Google Assistant - a conversational experience between you and Google that helps you get things done in your world.


I lived in Amsterdam working for Frog Design. I led multinational teams, working on user experience problems in diverse industries such as travel, media and retail. 


In 2005 I started at the BBC in London and was there until 2012. It was an exciting time to be at the BBC, as it was going through a lot of transformation, trying to figure out its place on the internet and how to best make use of emerging digital platforms.

My favourite projects included: reinventing Radio 1 and 1xtra online, the iPlayer Radio app, leading the BBC iPlayer ux team, launching A History of the World, relaunching the all time classic Desert Island Discs and working in a muddy field making content for BBC Glastonbury.



I did a brief stint in Japan working at an arts and science institute called IAMAS. This was an opportunity to tinker and play and learn about Japanese culture. This was funded by Ravensbourne College where I studied a Masters in Interaction Design.

Alright me luvver?*

Bristol is where I first started my career working at the Watershed, a creative hub for the city where thinkers, artists, musicians and makers gather to work on projects and share ideas. 

I was involved with the Watershed's first digital online projects and produced a wide range of online content such as photography, music, animation and short films.

* means "How are you?" in Bristolian. 


I was never good at maths, so I surprised myself by working at Hargreaves Lansdown, the UK's largest financial broker. I worked on a range of online financial products, video and audio content.

I presented an idea to the founders of the company: to centralise fund information from fund management companies and visualise it in different formats.

The idea received backing and investment and is now a major fund information platform called The Funds Library



User Experience

My background is in User Experience, designing the overall experience between a person and a product. Over the past 15 years I've produced and led design for smartphones, tablets, hardware devices, desktop computers and interactive television. 

At Google I lead a team of 40 people (interaction designers, researchers, conversation designers and program managers) that work on the Google Assistant - a conversational experience between you and Google that helps you get things done in your world. My team focuses on designing the core features of the Assistant such as communications, media, answers, productivity and family experiences.

At Sonos my focus was to establish a user experience strategy, build a team and design and refine a complex set of interactions between a user and a system via both a software and hardware interface. 

During my time at Frog I worked with international clients, solving UX problems in a wide range of cultural contexts and across different industries such as travel, media and retail. 

At the BBC I was responsible for user experience across the Radio, Music, TV and iPlayer portfolio. My work includes the digital relaunch of several key BBC brands such as Radio 1iPlayer Radio and iPlayer each attracting audiences of over 6 million a week. 



I have experience of taking projects from being high level concepts all the way through to production and implementation. Along the way I like to sketch, wireframe, prototype, research, design. express the personality of the product we're creating through 'tone of voice' (e.g. branding, motion, copy).  



I lead by doing. Working in a senior capacity means I've been able to take a 'birds eye of view' of the projects I work on. This enables me to balance cultural trends, research, business objectives, with the goals and quality of work the team strive for. I love working hands on with my team, working in the details of the design work and then being able to present and work at an executive level. 

My management experience has included designing a team structure, setting goals for both teams and individuals, prioritising workloads, managing performance, conducting reviews and building a process around how people develop their careers.

The video below features my team from the BBC. 



I'm huge believer in conducting research to gain insights on how people use what I have designed and to spot opportunities in social and cultural trends that lead to new concepts and products. My experience in research is broad and includes ethnographic and lab studies, usability testing and guerrilla research. 


DEsign sprints

I love running design sprints and getting teams of people together to explore and solve problems. I've designed the structure and process around many workshops and events that are focused on fostering collaboration and producing output that teams can act on immediately. 

At Google I’ve been successful at using design sprints as a way to accelerate concept development with the goal of producing work that informs the product roadmap.


To be continued...